Sunday, June 29, 2008

Olympic trials

Am I the only person that has Olympic fever? Just the summer Olympics do this to me, I could not care less about the winter Olympics

My favorite is women's gymnastics, it makes me cry sometimes. I do not know why, but it is a fact.
I also like swimiming and diving, and track and field, in that order.

Tonight I am watching the swimming trials. I get so worked up. One year, our satellite went out just at the touch of a heated race--I am still not over it, as I remember who it was (Michael Phelps). I thought I would stroke out having the TV go out like that.

Which brings me to what is happening in my house right now--I am sitting in the big chair, taking a break from laundry and making lasagna (which I can tell must have overflowed its pan as I smell sauce burning---), watching me some swimming.

I was surprised to hear the commentators mention that Michael Phelps is not at the top of his game, he had a bad morning and they were not even thinking about the world record in his 400 IM race.

Michael Phelps is a freak among swimmers. A freak- his wingspan is incomprehensible. His athletic ability is amazing to watch, just when you think he cannot go harder, he does. I love him because he was such a fun story at the last Olympics and I was irritated to hear the commentators talk like that about him.

They also talked about Ryan Lochte, who is usually #2 to his 1. They were hanging in there pretty well together, but off the WR pace at .88 after the first 100 (butterfly)--but only two one hundredths apart from each other. The commentators yapped yappped yapped until the last turn at the 350 mark, and I for some reason got mixed up at which lane Phelps was in and which Lochte was in, based on something the commentators said about the right side breathing giving one of them the benefit at the turn. It hit me wrong and while I was figuring that out, I could see the swimmer at the bottom of the screen had a crazy turn and gained a good 1/3 of a body length on the other one. I was getting ready to get sad about the commentators being right about Phelps, when I put it all together and realized it was him that was pulling ahead.

At this point, the rest of the field was way out of the picture, but Phelps and Lochte were just a stroke apart.

It is about this time that I start to get all teared up like it is me in the damn pool, I have no idea why I do that. I always do though which is why it is best if I watch the Olympics by myself.

They hung pretty well together until the end--and BOTH of them broke the world record. Phelps shattered it, but .57 of a second---that is a huge interval in a race, even a 400 race.

That man is a beast.

Ryan Lochte on the other hand, is HOT. I hope that makes up for always being number two, when without Phelps around, he would be a star
I love me some Olympics!


*Sarah* said...

Oh poo!!!! I forgot about the Olympics, I too LOVE gymnastics. I haven't really watched much else, but oh man I LOVE LOVE LOVE gymnastics :). I'm glad you mentioned it, I'll have to watch it now.

Holly said...

I have not watched them at all, but do deeply admire those who have made it to this level and make it look easy!

Anonymous said...

Finally----you have found (another) partner in a wonderful interest---OLYMPICS---

We will have plenty to say as the time approaches.

Gymnastics---oh yeah
Swimming---oh yeah
More---on yeah

gotta watch those darn chinese and commentators on NBC

Did you ever notice how one-sided theycan be? ( What new). Last time--winter ones--practically had the Golds all won by US and a couple of those skiers hardly finished the race.

Oh I can't wait.

MicBel QH said...

we always watch with the Tv on mute so we don't have to listen to the commentators. I love watching the swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, gymnastics, track and field. I'm sure there is something I missed in that list but we love watching the games!

Anonymous said...

Hey Micbel--good idea---never thought about the mute button.

guess I am always afraid I will miss something "important

We will have lots to share on Paige's block. hehehe

Thanks Carol

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