Sunday, June 8, 2008

We are back

Just got home a few minutes ago--and there are strange things going on here.

I do not have as large a pile of mail as I would have thought I would have by now--especially for being gone a week. Most importantly, my prescriptions have not arrived. I ordered more than 10 days ago, so what is that about?

And I am checking my bank balances to find that someone bounced a $2000 check to me, leaving me with 80 bucks in my horse account, and a boarding bill to pay and two trainers to pay right away. Now isn't that a hell of a thing? Even better, the bill pay service on both of my accounts is kaput so I cannot find the specifics of any of this, which will probably keep me up all nite with anxiety.

The pig is very glad to see us. He has ticks. That is pretty appalling. I do not know what a person should do about a pig with ticks. I will have to ask Kevin the vet.

I have lots of pics to share, and although I had a tragedy that the first three days of diving left me with NO photos due to some sort of memory card error, I do have some that the dive shop took, so I will be posting those as I get to it. We had seven dives, and two or three of them were really good, especially the shark feed. Stay tuned!


Lorna said...

Glad you got to dive considering the tropical storm and glad you got home safe and sound...

can't wait to see your pictures

Holly said...

Welcome home! Glad you made it safe and sound, glad you got to dive, sorry about the scrips and the bounced check.

theCloth said...

I'm looking forward to more dive pictures.

Sorry to hear about some issues awaiting you on return from vacation. As you know by now the work and nasty stuff doesn't stop happening while you're on vacation. It just piles up and waits for your return. That's why you have enjoy those little get-a-ways.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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