Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tricks of the trade

Mandy is on about her third career and this one seems to be sticking. She is now a speech pathologist, and with that comes all kinds of jargon that is mostly over my head (which is what I hate about some jargon--that and even the word "jargon" is jargon).

What this means right now is that she has all these speech tricks for Gabi--one of the most interesting to me is her sign language. Gabi signs more than she talks, and her signs get a little off kilter, but I am starting to pick them up. I do not know if this particular one is supposed to means "F&%* you" or not, but it is clear that is what it means, based on the context in which she uses it. She can get really wound up, make a mean face and pound away at her palm like a mad woman and it cracks me up every single time.

In this incident, she does not look mad at all, but since I happened to catch the photo, I thought I better put it up here for posterity---this will come in handy when she grows up and we can show here where it all started to go wrong.

I better start stockpiling my materials for when she needs some shaming as she gets older--you can never have too much in your arsenal. I have a couple of Ashlyn stories like this that make her crazy to hear now--like when she stripped her swimming suit off on the boat because she was mad. It embarrasses her now, but she was only two and we were in hysterics with her jumping up and down on the swim deck throwing a nekkid tantrum.


Holly said...

head on desk laughing. She is .really. cute.

good luck with all that signing when she gets older and tells you off behind her back!

Anonymous said...

Cute! But wait till she moves onto speech theraphy.

Watch out---Auntie----

Enjoy Carol

pita-woman said...

When I saw her picture (before reading her name), I thought to myself, that looks an awful lot like Gabbie.
Gabbie being the daughter of an acquaintance of mine.
Very cute!

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