Saturday, June 28, 2008

This weeks assignment

Is headstudies--and I am not sure I get the difference between that and a head shot other than it can include more of the neck and even chest, and does not have to follow all the halter rules. It can be more creative. That would be swell if I had any creative anything in my body.

In any event, this is Ammo--Diablo's kid. Like all of her babies, she is so pretty and grabs your attention right off. She came in today during the trimming marathon because I noticed she had a wierd ouchy on her left front fetlock joint--first it looked like a little rip, but when I looked at it later, there was real blood. I wonder if she did it earlier, and just opened it up while I was there. So she had to be addressed and since I had them in, I took the clippers to Diablo and took them out front to be my models for some of the assignment.

I love this top shot and the bottom shot though--even if they are not creative.

This one has nothing to do with class, but I took it so here it is.
This one is cool huh? This qualifies as the multiple horse shot part of the assignment. It is not perfect by a long shot, but I love it anyway. It is cool how they are both so alert even though they are looking different directions

I did do some things wrong-- I will not put baby oil on a horses face in the dead of summer, just for me to take a pic of the horse. Stupid. At least I did trim her up so the whiskers were not distracting, and put a good leather halter on her instead of the rope one I drag her around with. I also took the photo around 1 pm--as that is when I was available to do it. How nice it would be to have the luxury of doing it when the light was right, and with help to get the horses ready--instead I was a sweaty mess, with an allergic reaction to grass from kneeling in it so much, and I got worn out after a couple models.

It is a start though--the pics are getting better, but more than anything, I am really learning how to use my camera--the more I do it, the more changing the settings is becoming second nature.


Holly said...

LOOK at the hips on that girl. Dear God you grow 'em chunky Paige

*Sarah* said...

Aw I do too love that last one.

Shell said...

Ok, you must share the specifics of your photog class. I went back and read posts to see if you gave info on it but came up empty. Can you direct me to a website?

Anonymous said...

OMG that third pic is awesome i love it


Paige said...

It is an online course, Shell, on (equine photographers)

There are some really good things about it, like the first week I learned a lot about the manual settings. But the instructor is not the nicest most helpful person in the world.

Some of the other people in the class are amazing

Pony Girl said...

I have been enjoying reading about your photography class. How great it is online. I love taking pictures of my horse, but I have a lot to learn! Of course, I will wait to take a class when I get a real camera, not just my point-and-shoot! ;)
Sly is just gorgeous, and Fonzie is a cutie, I covet that mane!

Paige said...

Thanks Pony Girl---Sly still takes my breath away every day.

And fonzie--he is just the comedic relief--I wish my big horses had hair like that!

He is so cute--good thing, since he is otherwise a pain in the ass--as far as catching him at least. Beyond that, he is almost perfect--for such a short dude!~

Lazy A Ranch said...

NICE pics and model

theCloth said...

I agree the last shot is a winner.

Shell said...

Paige, I went to and it's in some other language and I only know English. :) I tried to google it and came up empty.

I forgot to tell you I loff your pics.

Shell said...

I found the website and course. Just had to google a bit more.

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