Friday, June 27, 2008

Attorney sentenced

C. Tony Davis Sentenced

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MARION -- Former Marion attorney Tony Davis has been sentenced for stealing a quarter million dollars from a former client. That client, Barbara Heilig, says she's satisfied that the punishment fits the crime.

Today, Barbara Heilig heard words she's been waiting months to hear: Probation including full restitution.

"Had he been sent to prison, I would have never seen a penny of my money," Heilig said.

Heilig testified to that during a sentencing hearing on Tuesday. In court today, Judge Speroni said her words weighed heavily on his decision. Davis will not go to prison. Instead, he'll be required to pay Heilig back while serving 48 months probation.

"Obviously, he put a great deal of thought and consideration into the testimony that was presented and we think he fashioned the best possible remedy that will restore the money that was taken from Barb to Barb," attorney Mark Prince said.

Along with probation, Davis will forfeit his $10,000 bond to Heilig, and pay her back in graduated installments.

"Start out with less steep payments to give Mr. Davis a chance to get back on his feet financially, get the job's he's promised he's going to get, and then as each year passes, the obligation steps up," Prince said.

Davis must also pay a lump sum of 75-thousand dollars to Heilig before his probation ends.

"Which should fully reimburse Barb the $166,000 that Judge Speroni ordered," Prince said.

For Heilig, her experiences with lawyers in the past may have changed her perception of the profession.
But today's decision and her representation, have restored her faith in the system.

"I'd also like to thank Mark Prince for putting my faith back into an attorney," Heilig said. "He's held my hand the whole time and I'm proud of him. He's rebuilt my faith."
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Why is this interesting, you ask? I worked for this dude for a short while during law school. I emphasize a short while, and he was better than the one I was escaping. In an odd turn, the first case I worked on there was representing someone being sued by a person who fell off a horse on their property.

Davis was disbarred previously over this matter.

You rarely hear about an attorney in this much trouble over client relations--but when you start getting into people's money, you are asking for it.

This was so stupid. And I have to admit, I am not totally surprised by it


Anonymous said...

I just don't understand people anymore and especially those that are considerated "educated and intelligent".

Why they do "things" like this?

Only adds to the cynicism in life and what is happening all around us.

guess I am getting too old.
Carol but enjoy those good "things" all around.

Robin Sallie said...

You should write a book!

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