Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Evidently, Gabi lost her swimming suit in the move. Also evidently, she is much like her mother, as it did not slow her down on the way to the swimming pool. First she played on the couch, where she got on her special swimming diapers on--which by the way have Nemo on them. I myself would be happy to wear such drawers, wouldn't you?

Off we went, where I learned that she is very much like a rocket. God forbid you count to three around her, or she will shoot herself right off of where ever she may be. I am not even sure how she does it, but I think it is her butt muscles that just shoots her right off.
She loves the water--comes up laughing every time. I was practicing my stopping motion shots to catch the water droplets too, so they are a little overexposed--but hang in here with me, I will get it someday.
Just playing in the water is not enough for her, she is constantly looking for something else to do. She wold call for the dogs to come over, or stick her face under water, or ask you to throw her somewhere. And the whole time she is laughing this maniacal laugh that sometimes sounds like crying, but never is.
Just look at the funny faces she makes.

They leave in the morning to fly to their new house, so it will be a few months before I see her again.


Robin Sallie said...

This is a wonderful series of photos, Paige. Thank you for sharing such a happy little onw with me.

Holly said...

look. at. the. grin. on. that. face! Could her smile GET any wider?

and i love the tongue sticking out a little!

Paige said...

The tongue is ALWAYS out. it is funny, but you would think it would dry out

*Sarah* said...

OH MY DEAR JESUS SHE IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!! Look at how happy she is!!! I love her! Such great photos of her too Paige. I love the last one especially.

Anonymous said...

OMG! don't know who to compliment>

You or her!

Guess it is a tie-------her for being adorable, cute, darling etc

you for WONDERFUL pictures filled with action.

Can you ADD sound to your pictures?

Heheh and enjoy as much as I do

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