Monday, June 23, 2008

Next tragedy

Well that is overstating it. After killing the poor puppy, I went to the farm and had a nervous breakdown. That got over with and I was attempting to collect Squeaklet and Rondee to move them to a different pasture, when I noticed that Fuzzy was acting a damn fool. A damn fool. I cannot emphasize how much she was acting a damn fool.

She was running all crazy, with her neck stretched high and her head held at a wierd angle. Barry, Madison and I all stopped to watch her and try to figure out what was wrong with her--we speculated maybe she had something lodged in her throat, a bug in her nose--something crazy. While we were discussing what it could be, she was chasing either Target or Rondee--and as the other horse ran through the gate, she RAN INTO THE FENCE. She hit the post so hard it pulled it out of its concrete setting, and knocked all the boards off.
She bounced off and looked dazed---

This picture does not show how nasty it is--the whole flap was laying wide open so you could see her face bones. She also ripped her nostril open.

We got her in and called Dr Miles to decide whether he needed to come up and staple her shut and to give me a good shake back into reality as I was so wigged already, and barely holding it together that this made me plum ignorant. I was not sure what to give her or put on her, etc--of course I normally do, but I was not having a good nite.

She will be fine, face things always look awful but since she is not a halter horse, it is more a nuisance for her than anything. She get a tetanus update, some antibiotics, some pain killers, a good flush and some scarlet oil--which she fought like a bitch.

I bet she did this so we would not continue with our riding lessons. Too bad--she may get a timeout but that is all she is getting.

Long nite at our place--and it is not over yet. I cannot find the pig, and just as I got home, I heard three shotgun blasts. I see no reason for someone to shoot my pig, but I will feel better when he brings his fat ass up on the porch like he normally does. I need someone to love on


Jamik said...

Oh Geesh Paige. I'm really sorry about your bad night. Tomorrow HAS to be better.

*Sarah* said...

oh ICK!!!!! Icing on the cake eh? I don't think I can handle that kind of bone exposure crap.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you are having a rough go of things. I hope things look better in the morning light.
Kristi B

Anonymous said...

oh poor fuzzy poor puppy poor paige hope every thing gets better


Lori said...

How awful. More about the puppy and your emotional state than the face, the face will heal just fine.

My mare Sissy ran into *something* and got a huge gash next to her eye. It blinked when her eye blinked. Shiver. We got it stitched up the next morning and now there are only a few white hairs there.

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