Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fonzie gets a trim

Big day for a little boy! Fonzie's feet were out of control again-- I swear it happens over nite. He was first on the list for the farrier today, which is always a challenge, as Fonz is anti-getting caught. Today he was not half bad though, he came right in and I trapped him in a stall---which meant I stood in the doorway and told him to put his head in the halter and he pretty much did.

Shocking, I tell you.

Isn't he handsome for a little oompa? Why don't my other horses have hair that is proportionately long? What do I do with a really short pretty boy? I cannot even pimp him out.

I do think I will use him for the model for the portrait /conformation portion of my photog class, if I can figure out what the standard pose is for someone that short.This is not a great pic, but it shows how hard Marvin has to work to get down to his level. Good thing Fonz is a good oompa, as his trim took only 15 minutes or so.
I really wanted a good head shot, but evidently he has to put his ears down in every pic I take. The only one with them up is this one and it shows how much he needs a shave. He got some ivermectin tonight too--he is not a fan of that for sure.

Oh well, maybe this weekend


Holly said...

good grief that little guy is cute overload!

Anonymous said...

Fonzie is really beautiful. I've never seen him looking so good.

Lori said...

Oh my goodness. I love him. I just want to touch that hair...

Robin Sallie said...

He is a pretty boy.

*Sarah* said...

oh my goodness I am in love with Fonzie! He is SUPER cute, I think the hair makes it.

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