Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This cracked me up

Tomorrow is vet morning, so several pairs needed to come in to be ready bright and early. Anyone who has been around broodmares for long knows how possessive, protective and sometimes down right vicious they can be --especially at meal time. Their normally docile nature goes by the wayside when they have babies, especially new ones.

Since it has been raining, it is disgusting muddy--it is slippery, and when things get sketchy out there, it can be dangerous. For this reason, instead of stalking them down in the pasture, I used a tried and true trick--open the gate, call them in for dinner. Works every time--they will fall over themselves to get to the buckets.
This worked perfectly well with Aries--I had her stalled within 3 minutes of the job, and not only did she and her baby and all the others stay safe, so did I. I call that a success.

But the new worker, who shall henceforth be known as the Idiot, thinks he knows better than me and knows my horses better than I do, thought he should march out there to fetch up Diablo by hand. I knew this would be good, so I told him to have at it and got out the camera.

These photos were just some of what I got to see. It was great. There is nothing I love more than someone who is so arrogant that they do not use the information available to them--in this case, the info that Diablo will not stand there and let you come get her, at dinner time, when she has a week old baby. I guess I would not know this, having owned her since she was 2 and been with her through this fifth baby. She is concerned first with getting more food than anyone else and running them off their dishes, by whatever means necessary, and second with no one looking at her baby. Standing still to be caught (especially in a field with grass up to her belly) is not even on the list of priorities.

Of course, he did not catch her. I knew he wouldn't. I told him to leave her alone and I would get her once she calmed down--there is no point in chasing a mare. It does not work. She will stop when she gets good and ready and there is no way you are going to outrun her--that is absurd.

Did he listen to me? Of course not, he thought he had to win. I have news for him, I am not paying him for that wasted time. I went away and did some other things, let her calm down and then quite easily fetched her up the way I had intended to the whole time.

Men can be so stupid sometimes.


Holly said...

brraawwhhhaaaaaa......and he probably STILL doesn't understand.

that first photo of the mare with her leg extended is outstanding

theCloth said...

Stop it! You're making me want a horse farm:)

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