Monday, May 19, 2008

Looking forward to vacation

Two weeks from today, we will be in our second full day of vacation in San Pedro Belize. Bacuse I am psyching myself up for the trip (like that is necessary), I am perusing some sites from the island. One of my faves is a scuba instructor's blog. He posted this cool vido of Godilla, a local loggerhead who is a BEAST.

I thought I would share it. I bet Lorna gets creeped right out by this---she is claustrophobic, and somehow I cannot describe accurately enough to her how wonderful it is to be underwater with huge things in order to cure her.

The rest of you will like it though

Now I am so excited, I cannot concentrate


Lorna said...

Nah, that kind of stuff doesn't creep me out - clausterphobic wise.. Hell, just video a lower deck cruise boat room and that will do it - I like the water!

Paige said...

So it is the GETTING there that would do you in? Humph.

I think that turtle was as big as the dude--I wonder how old he is and how much he weighs? they just called him geriatric

Lorna said...

I could FLY to where ever to go play in water - just not "boat" there!

Amy B. said...

i cannot wait for the rum punch to start flowing - let the countdown begin!!!! T minus 12...woo-hoo!

theCloth said...

Tenga usted una buena viaje. Te vemos despues.

Or as they say in horse country "have a good trip, we'll see you later". Or something close to that:)

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