Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Snap's boy is unfolding

This is Snap's son Reno on the day he was born. Those legs are a disaster, aren't they? I have had contracted tendons on babies before, but never knees that were contracted. They freaked me out a little. I showed pics to Dr M on Monday and he told me to wrap him 24 hours on and take them off for 24 hours, and not to cover the knees.

Monday around 1, he got a LA 200 shot to help relax the tendons. At 6 pm we wrapped him. Last nite, we took off the one remaining bandage as he had already taken off the right one, which was the more severely contracted. Of course it was.

These pics were taken tonight, just before we re-wrapped him. It is amazing to me the difference already. I was told to count on keeping him in and wrapped for a week, and now I can believe that he will be right in that length of time.

This pic below was taken as we were chasing him down to give him some Probios--my new thing to do, give it at day 1 and day 4 and see if it stops the foal scours. I have all sorts of new plans that probably won't make a damn bit of difference but will let me feel like I am being more aggressive. Anyway, this little monkey may be a little squirt but he is full of piss and vinegar, no doubt about it. He scoots around like a mad cat, and will spin out from under you before you know what hit you.

He is a lot of fun. He makes me laugh. I cannot wait until he gets turned out for real so he can play--I bet he will give me as many photo ops as Shiloh who keeps my camera clicking full time.

And when he is not acting like a fruitcake, he is a handsome young man, isn't he?


Holly said...

Big big big difference in those legs!

and the photo of him peeking under his mother...adorable.

I have no idea why, but the boys this year are grabbing me right by my heartstrings

he's just darling

Anonymous said...

Boy says; "What the heck are you looking at? Have you never seen a handsome baby boy?"

What a look! ! !

Great pics. Carol

Robin Sallie said...

I love the red.

Camille said...

Man I *love* this foal. He is very handsome.

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