Sunday, May 11, 2008

The prince

Aries' young man, Uno, has taken over as the reigning prince of the group, since we lost Turbo. He is like a robot foal--I have never had a kid like this. He sticks to his mother, so there is never an issue moving her from place to place--he follows along like he is tethered to her.

If you need him for any reason, he is easy to gather up and stands still while you do whatever it is. He does not get in trouble with her, so she is not wound up about him but very relaxed and comfortable, which is good for everyone.

Plus, he is just a very handsome baby boy. He makes me laugh, because he is very much a baby baby--some just come out that way and some come out like Echo who are not only half grown, but think they are a year old and act like it. This one likes his mother, he does not go away without her to play with other babies---only if she takes him does he do that. Then it is usually Shiloh, his birthday sister, who is the exact opposite of him. It is interesting how it worlds like that.


Holly said...

love the chewing photo!

Lazy A Ranch said...

I love it when they are good like him.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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