Monday, May 19, 2008

Penguins and puffins

I have two things to say about this deal: one, penguins and puffins are WAY funnier than I ever thought they were. Two: they smell like shit. Make you retch kind of funk, they are nasty smelling creatures. Despite this, you have to stand in line for a while to get in their new habitat.

It was worth it though, as they are hysterical.

One thing about them I like is that their arms are very short--like mine.

Also, there are some random fat ones--like me. This poor fool is so fat he is stuck. And he does not even care. I envy that.

Some of them just run their mouths a lot--like me.

And some of them have a serious mean look ---that is all I have to say about that. Most of them looked like very pleasant animals though.

This dude is a puffin--look at his unfortunate beak. It looks like it is three different beaks smashed together to make one---it is kind of sad. They do not seem to know they are funny looking though.

It might be because they are dumb--at least this one below is. He was flaunting his fish and everyone in the building knew full well that he was going to lose it if he did not take better care of it---everyone but him that is.

Dumb puffin.


Holly said...

there is something i like about every single one of them. You did REALLY good on these. The first photo looks like it was shot and posed just for this photo. The second one shows off that coloring beautifully, the following one just made me laugh! Then the close up of the face looked scary, the puffin standing just a little behind the plant is a gorgeous shot. Very nicely framed. The one of the two birds and the fish is a marvelous behavior shot and those are hard to get.

*Sarah* said...

Penguins are a lot weirder than I had originally thought too. I mean what the hell, most of them were just standing there staring completely frozen with their wings out. They are cute little buggers though. I love all the pics too!

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