Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hammer's progress

Hammer is such a good boy, and yes, I realize the irony in saying that. He used to be SO bad, and now he is just an angel. The photo above is him posing--not even pitching a fit that he has been left alone tied for the first time--all times previous to this, we have stood there with him while he was tied. We did that because until this go round, he had not been tied, as he was so bad, we gave up on him. When he cut his foot, we had to act quickly and did not have time for the normal prep---we both got thrown in fast and he has come out a champ. I am SO proud of him.

This photo above was day 6---he has been wrapped since last Thursday, with bandage changes on Friday nite, and Sunday. On Sunday, I changed his ointment to one containing a little steroid, per Joleen's recommendation--
This is day 7. I cannot believe the speed this thing is taking to recovery. He is perfectly sound on it, and not goosy about having it handled at all--tonight he did not even react to the velcro which is his most hated sound, I think.
Looking pretty good, huh? I am really pleased with the healing, but most with his attitude--a week in the stall, which I know is hard for Melody babies, and he gets sweeter and easier every single day.

I love him. I cannot believe I just said that.


Holly said...

wow. That is .amazing. !

hooves said...

And to think, you learned that "stew in its' own juices" stuff from us. hooves

Paige said...

my GOD, she posts! Who would have thunk it!

Someone might as well get some use out of all your experience fixing broke stuff--

Holly said...

hooves? who is hooves?

Elly'sMom said...

WTH? happened to Hammer? Good Lord Paige, I leave you guys for what a couple weeks and all hell breaks loose. Geeze!

What kind of stuff are you using that has the steriod's in it?

Paige said...

Who knows what he did--it looks like a metal cut, but there is no exposes metal or damage on the only metal building in the back pasture, so who knows.

I am using furacin, with some dexamethasone injected into it

hooves said...

I'm the crazy rescue person who rides with Paige. I remembered my password. hooves

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