Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hammer is sure getting to be a grown up---other than being a little fat, I think he looks pretty good. He has always been pretty to look at. I was admiring him the other day when I noticed this--

Now what in the world did he do, I ask you? He is only a little lame on it. What an oddball.

He came in last nite to start getting doctored---thank goodness for Madison (who is sick, but does it anyway), or we never would have gotten things done in a timely manner.

If you will recall, Hammer was the half a loon last year- I did not think he was worth shooting, he was so flighty. The nite before he was gelded--which heck, was not that long ago like 6 weeks or so--he got right with the world, and was a doll baby. I don't get it so much.

When we got him in, he settled within a few minutes and was such a good boy to let me doctor him, and easily haltered and handled. I was so proud of him. I can tell he was scared, but he tried to be a big boy---no one can ask for anything more that that.

Dr M will be here tomorrow for miscellaneous, so I guess he has one more thing to do

He just may be earning Mel a reprieve.


Holly said...

OUCH. That's gonna smart.

Camille said...

criminy. why do they do these things? I am glad you were finally able to get him in where you could treat it. I can imagine how frustrating it was to chase him around :)

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