Friday, May 30, 2008

Breeding updates

This not being present for breeding steps makes me a nervous wreck, but it is becoming clear that they do not need me for anything!

Dr M checked Diablo this morning to confirm she will need semen tomorrow, and already confirmed with Buffalo Ranch, so there should be some happy little Highlight Cat swimmers in the air shortly. It is so exciting!

And Squeak has ovulated perfectly, which is good news. This has been such a squirrelly year with some of these mares, and we had not confirmed ovulation on the first two we bred to outside studs, because we were so sure they had and it was more trouble than it was worth on them. We got lucky that all went well with them. Since Squeak is handy and Dr M was seeing Diablo at sleepaway camp anyway, he went ahead and checked her and all is well. Fingers cross that these last two go as easily as the first two did.

It makes me sad to miss it, but there is too much to do to get ready to hit the road for VACATION! and I thank God for the Coogans who are caring for my girls while we are gone. They like Squeak, and laughed when Tango bit them (BAD girl), and they have just the right level of hands on with them, reasonable expectations for behavior and are vey nice people.

Now to get through this dad--get the Equitainer sent back, some prescriptions picked up, a brief finished, etc....we will hit the road after work to run errands and get a room in St Louis for the nite.


Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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