Monday, April 21, 2008

A virtual cornocopia of

This is my favorite picture I have taken in years--it reminds me very much of a photo I took of Gambler and one of Angel--who were both paternal siblings to Shiloh's mama Gypsy. I love this one just as much, isn't it great? She is three days old here, and look at that chest on her, and watch her get her legs under her. I will admit that the next thing that happened was she fell on her face--that is the wipeout photo I posted last nite. If you ignore that, this is pretty impressive though.

These posing photos are noteworthy, because this one is going Mach 2 all day long--I have never seen a baby with so much energy in my life. She runs and bucks, flings herself down and generally entertains herself almost every minute. With the exception of these few--I wonder if she has read some books on photo composition--she is almost just right in each of the not-moving shots.

These three are a series--which shows how fast she can go from loping along to getting a buck out, a rear up and starting the process all over again.

She is so much fun to watch.

Just when I think it is over and safe to turn the camera off because she is far away again, I see her practicing her posing. I love this picture---they both look just like Gypsy's dad, High Brow Hickory here. Other times, she is the spitting image of Gypsy's mama, Nita--even down to holding her tail funny like Nita does and seems to pass along often--I have seen lots of her grandbabies at shows that hold it funny like she does too.

This picture looks a lot like one I have on my website of Nita on the mares page--with a baby Gyspy looking just like this, standing next to her.

When you go so fast and hard all the time, eventually you have to stop too--and from this pic it looks like she has that down too.

I could post 100 more pics of this kid, she is so fun to shoot and such a silly kid----

I did think of killng her dead this morning when she would not go with her mother to the pasture, but that anger is passing now that I look at all these pics. Good for her, if she only knew.

Just a few more--I cannot help it, so many of them turned out swell. This one is going to be a treat.


Lorna said...

All I can say is "WOW" - she is just stunning and look at her go!

Holly said...

this kid has got the moves.....

Holly said...

I love the look on her face in that last picture, she looks so satisfied with her little wee self.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could "pet" her!


Sinjinn said...

shes def a beauty and I love she has almost the identical hind sock like Gypsy (who is still my fav horse ya got there).

*Sarah* said...

I am overloaded with cuteness!!!!! I'm loving all these pictures, they're gorgeous.

Lazy A Ranch said...

She is going to be a pistol, very good shots again Paige!

Elly'sMom said...

All the babies are so cute Paige. I love the wipe out shots.

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