Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday already?

How did that happen without me blogging? Wierd.

Monday was a MADHOUSE.

It started early in the AM with Dr M here to ultrasound to confirm that Aries needed her some Mormon action- she had a beautiful 48 mm follicle, so he said to Regumate her in the afternoon, to hold her until the Meradas Blue Sue man in a can arrived this morning. Okey doke.

He ultrasounded Melody--16 days in foal to Sly.

Then Cash--21 days in foal to Sly. Npow maybe she can concentrate on her own baby and not be stealing someone else's.

Then Xanadu--21-22 days in foal--she had the WIERDEST foal heat cycle that came and went, so that shocked me.

That means that all four that Sly was breeding at once, and almost screwed himself to death over, are in foal. Yay Sly.

Dr M also looked at poor bald Nita and pronounced her victim of the funk that everyone in southern Illinois has--and he has the magic cure he can mix up for me. Good to know.

The big question was what was his take on Turbo and the perpetual pooping that started in earnest on Friday of last week. All our sure cures had failed, and how we kept him from dehydrating, I have no idea, but we did. He did suggest taking a stool sample up to the Il Dept of Ag to be cultured, so I gathered that (wow--not fun, not when it was like this) and got Dad to take it up there so I could go to work. I needed to, I was worn out already!

While I was there, I remembered I had not checked for Regumate, so I did it when I went home for the 1 pm pepto-ing of Turbo--and guess what? Not a drop in the place, and neither did any vet in town. How is that for odd luck? I could not find any, even with other breeders around here because it was the middle of the day and I am not the only one that has to work. I had to resort to calling another vet in another town, who thank God, had some for me.

Off I went in the middle of the afternoon to get it--I had to take a half a personal day from work with all the crap I had to do, so I was there and back for the 4 pm pepto-ing. And the 6 pm pepto-ing. And the 8 pm pepto-ing. And so on, I won't bore you

In the midst of it, a potential employee came by. As usual, he and I likely differ on how much he knows about horses, but if he can hammer and take directions as well as he says he can, and quits talking, we will be all right. Mostly that is because he did not have the truth in him--the whoppers he told were downright hysterical--surely he did not believe that we believed any of that?

Anyway, we are giving him a shot--he was there at 7 am today--and so were we, as Aries had to go get bred, and of course, Turbo needed some Pepto, etc. He fed, cleaned some stalls, made some fence repairs and called me 6 times---but better that than not messing something up for not knowing. I was at work so early, people did not know what to do with me.

Aries had a good breeding--she had a 56 follicle on the right--big growth especially considering the Regumate dose, and I hear the semen was excellent all the way around. I always hold my breath until I hear that final confirmation, so that was a relief.

Today was a big day at work as the new head honcho was here for the first time---and my computer lost its mind. We also discovered that I have read and planned a brief in a case that was never mine to begin with--but mistakenly put in my office. I get so many new appointments, it never occurred to me to double check it--why would I? But by God, I read it, I planned it, I did some research and I am keeping it. So there.

After that, I bought four more bottles of Pepto for Turbo and got my hairs did. Then back to the farm to unpack that and my new Regumate that I will never be caught short on again. I also applied some witch doctor concoction of Dr M's to Nita---she is to get it every 3 days for three treatments. She was appalled and so was I, as it stunk like hell--God knows what is in it.

BS was working on new fence- and he is already sick of it. It is SUCH an improvement --although with every section we put up, the more we find that needs to be done. Good thing we have the new dude, who will be put on fence detail tomorrow--hope it does not run him off!

So that is the story of why there was no blog yesterday or so far today--just not enough time in the day


Holly said...

I need a nap just for reading through that!

Lazy A Ranch said...

Is Turbo better now?

Amanda said...

I'm exhausted. I too need a nap. How is that different than any other moment in my life though. Still, that is far too much for any small army to do in a day. Or think about. Or look at someone thinking about it. Oy.

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