Sunday, April 20, 2008

A teaser.

I guess this will not come as news to anyone, but I evidently have a problem when I get a new hobby. Today, I took 271 photos--which is not really that many for a nice day with a great subject like new babies, but for once, a HUGE number of them came out usable. Like 200 of them

This means I have to narrow them down to a manageable number---until then, I wanted to post this one, because it is so sweet. I cannot believe that Gypsy would let her baby go anywhere near the other horses, even across a fence line, after the fiasco surrounding her birth. But she did and here is the very cool photo to prove it---

Don't they look so swell all lined up for their intro---baby Shiloh is more than brave enough to meet them, but it looks like Gypsy is nudging her forward to encourage her.

I am such a wiener, it almost makes me cry.


Holly said...

to me it looks like gentle encouragement. "it's okay honey, they won't hurt you....this is Auntie..and Uncle and Cousin..." Sort of like a hand on the center of the back of a toddler when meeting new family members.

I can see why you love that mare so, the filly is gonna be terrific too!

Paige said...

Well she already has more personality and activity in her than 10 other babies, it is so fun to watch,

This was her first turnout, and she sure made the most of it.

I cannot wait to get these photos up tomorrow

Anonymous said...

These pictures are truly amazing. They should be in a catalog or something.

*Sarah* said...

!! Look at all of them just STARING at the baby and Gypsy nudging her. That is the cutest thing ever.

Lazy A Ranch said...

Don't you love having something a different color, she is so damn adorable too!

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