Saturday, April 19, 2008

En fuego

This is my fish, En Fuego. I mostly call him Pish Pish. He lives in my office, Barry bought him for me for Crispy Critter day three years ago. He used to be red, but has turned white except for a couple of spots of color--you can mostly see through him. That is kind of gross.


Anonymous said...

Brings the outdoors---indoors to your office. Nice.

Again i ask what is Crispy Critter Day?

Horse Student and anyother kind of student! ! !

I find out what "waxing" meant from a "good pal"

theCloth said...

Maybe it's time to rename his "Fuego Blanca".

*Sarah* said...

Haha. Yeah. Gross. One time I put a new heater in my fish tank, and I left it on too high and basically cooked all my fish. Yum. Some of them lived but they were kind of retarded after that.

Amy B. said...

Ahhh...reminds me of my see through boyfriend from college, Dave....remember him?

Paige said...

I most certainly do--thank God, I do not have to have sex with En Fuego.

Good Call Cloth--I keep thinking he is not long for this world, but he is still here today.

Sarah you would not believe hte mass murder I created of fish in our landscaping pond.

Desiree Thomas said...

hey i have the same fish(he is still red) and jar and my plant looks sad though..

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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