Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Target's progress

Target is sure getting cute as he grows up and gets into shape.

As usual, I thought my pics were looking great as I took them, but when I got them downloaded, I realized I should have stuck with my auto setting instead of getting creative. I screwed up a lot of them, dang it.

Ryan says Target has a big motor--a huge athlete, so hard to wear him out, but he has some ability in there. It is amazing to me what I saw after only 45 days with him--he has a boatload of skills he did not have before he went there.
Target's specialty is his turn around. He is pretty consistent in planting that hind foot and spinning around it pretty. Since Target does everything fast, it comes. easy to him, and Ryan did not really even have to teach him how to do it--it just comes naturally.

You can tell that Target really loves that part--he drops that head and away he goes with very little signal.

For fun, Ryan showed us how Target can turn around without any signal through the reins--Ryan crossed his arms over his chest and just used his legs to turn him around, and away Target went. Now that I think about it, he turned right as well, which was originally his downfall--they have obviously worked hard on that.

An interesting note about all of these pictures. This was Target's first day out in the wide open world, and he did amazingly well for his first time. I think it will do him a world of good to see that there is a lot of space out there and he does not need to be in such a hurry to get there.

These are the pics I am most disappointed in--they turned out blurry, which really sucks are there are a bunch of them that show how easy and relaxed Target was as he made his way pretty quickly across the ground.

He makes it look so easy to do some hard work.


Lorna said...

Gotta love a horse who can flatspin on leg pressure!

Does Ryan teach the "stop" by throwing his legs straight forward... Our reiners all know that "leg" feeling and their periphial of our toes sends them running backwards - that's a pretty cool thing too!

Glad he is doing well and you shouldn't be surprised at the talent behind your stock to be multi-tasking horses!!!

Holly said...

did you have your big lens on?

Paige said...


Jamik said...

He's looking great Paige!

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