Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fence building

Have you ever noticed how much fence building goes on around here? Too damn much

This was BS last nite, working on a replacement section of fence that is about 300 feet long. He got about 60 feet done, and a gate moved, and the tops of the posts sawed off even with the top board. It looks was better.

We left the new dude to run more of the wire fence today, and although he interrupted Barry to tell him he knows how to do fence, he did a terrible job. So bad it has to be taken down and re-done. Now how bout that for a dilemna? Why do I pay him twice for doing the job right? Assuming he does it right tomorrow, that is. He evidently did not brace a single post before doing it, so it is all messed up. That is so not cool, and since we need this done fast, it makes me even crazier. Guess we know what BS will be doing tomorrow nite if he does not get this right in the morning. That will not make for a happy BS, or me.


Holly said...

I'd be supervising him then for at least a few days. What did he do wrong?

Paige said...

He did not pull it tight so that it was strong and sturdy---it is all wavy between the wooden posts that BS set this weekend.

If that was ok, we would have left it as it.

What irritates me is that he would not be told what BS wanted done, but interrupted to tell him he knew how to build fence. Clearly not. And he had BS' section to look at to see that his was not good enough

Lorna said...

Time to find different help...

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to blogging. I keep looking repeatedly when there's nothing new on it, like something would appear just because I'm looking.
Love you,

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