Wednesday, April 2, 2008

T-2 months

May 31 is the second annual girls trip with Amy B--with a twist. There will be boys. Barry is going and a friend of Amy's may be going. That will surely change things, but it should still be swell. Plane tix are bought (and thank God for the vouches we got coing home frmo the cruise, as the tix were damn near 700 a pop this year), AmyB got our puddle jumper plane tix and arranged our hotel, and is badgering our dive shop into discounts---so nice to have her tend to me like that!

We leave early that morning and arrive in San Pedro Belize at 3:55 pm--we are staying a week this time. I hope that means I will get a nap in this time. We are going to dive, dive and dive some more. We are maybe going to see some Mayan Ruins in Guatemala (kind of a wierd coincidence, since Mandy and Gabi will be home by then), and there will be much tanning, eating, dancing at Fido's and general debauchery brought on by the consumption of Rum Punch.

I really am excited to show it to Barry, I don't think he can possible understand how swell Ambergris Caye is without seeing it for himself.

Next year, we are going to try really hard to go somewhere else--Bonaire is definitely on the short list. I also want to go to Roatan, Honduras, but I guess that will have to wait a couple of years--one dive trip with AmyB per year is the goal for me. I should take that up with her I guess. Last year truly was one of the most fun 4 or 5 days I have ever had in my life though, and I am not willing to give it up any time soon


Anonymous said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. I'm so happy that you and Barry can do things like this. It's a shame you didn't go while Mandy and Gabi were in Guatemala, but I'm not going to wish for any postponements. You would've really enjoyed the weather, etc. there.
The picnic table is a brand new kink. I've heard of the vacuum cleaner, but never a picnic table. Since it's metal, couldn't he have possibly dismembered himself?
Love you,

Paige said...

I am too, but I could not really do much of it without knowing you were here to take care of my children while I am gone.

I am pretty sure no one wanted us in Guatemala with Mandy and Gabi. I have to have a rum punch on my vacations and scuba diving, and too many rum drinks might make Mandy not look so good being related to me

Now about this picnic table--did it say it was Metal? And are you making a funny saying he could have disMEMBERED his MEMBER? Dirty mom

Holly said...

you have fun on your trip and take that camera. Now that you have it use it

Amy B. said...

OMG - I'm soooo excited!!!! The trip is going to be swell! I'm going to work on the dive shop - this week got away from me though, so it will have to be next week!!!
It will be nice to have the boys along as they will be our "drivers"....

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