Friday, April 18, 2008


Mandy had mentioned that there have been a couple of earthquakes in Guatemala where she has been lvign for the last month and that must be a sign it is time to comehome. Good thing she is not here today, as one shook me straight up out of the bed at 4:37 am---they are saying a 5.2 to 5.4. We had an aftershock at about 10:15 this morning as well.



Shannon said...

No kidding. Try living 6 miles from the epicenter. We have had 12aftershocks, and I have spent half the day trying to convince this baby that there is nothing to see, and he doesn't need to try to get out today.
I hope everything is still standing strong around there. There is a bunch of damage here, but our house held up ok, so far.

Kim said...

I felt the Earthquake all the way up here. It woke me up also. I thought it was the darn cat on my bed, but he wasn't there. Then I thought I was crazy.

How strong was it there?

Paige said...

Everything is fine here--I wondered if it set you off. What kind of damage is there?

Kim, I thought the roof was coming off the house from a storm, it was so loud---

Shannon said...

A lot of chimneys crumbled...the biggest problem seems to have been what they took out on the way down. My in-laws have chunks of their neighbors chimney in their basement (and it took out to basement windows to get in there). There have been some roof collapses and some basements buckling. We got super lucky.
The cat had been going crazy for two days (apparently trying to warn us), and we have been telling him to just knock it off. He wouldn't let anywhere near him this morning but had calmed down some when I went to check him out this afternoon. Did your animals get nutty?

*Sarah* said...

Whoa crazy, I've never felt an earthquake before.

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