Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Aries' status

Clearly Aries did not get the memo that you do not wax for a week before foaling. Tonight she was actually spurting milk when she walked and must have been dripping all day as her legs are funny looking.

This is her on her actual due date (well as close as you get with mares--they average 340 days but really anywhere from 320 -360 days is normal), which was Monday. See why I mean she is the only one that does not know she is pregnant? She is not huge, which is not strange for a maiden, and since she is so much longer bodied than most of my girls, she can hide it better--if you had not seen the conception like I did, you would wonder if we had it wrong. But we don't, cuz we did.

Here is the freaky way she is shedding--I always have one or two that do this, usually Lucky does but she only is long haired on her belly and legs this year--you can actually roll the hair off with your hand---for some reason, I cannot stop myself from doing it. It is kind of like chewing your fingernails, or peeling a sunburn peel. This seems strange to me that she is doing this as she has been under lights for weeks, and been groomed religiously virtually every day for a while. We have pulled pounds of hair off of her, and I cannot believe she had anything left to roll up like this, but there you go. Underneath, the new fine baby hair is so soft, but so far, it is still dull and pale and not the pretty color it will be, but I think that is because it is so short still.
She kind of looks like she has the mange, doesn't she?

I really think she will go tonight--partly because of the streaming milk and her whipping of the tail, but also because I am so exhausted, I am going to bed early. Thank goodness for my backup foalwatcher Lorna who is giving it a couple of hours of observation so I can get some sleep. Thanks Lorna!


Anonymous said...

Horse Student says:

Oh My Gosh! such responsibilities to care for such BIG GIRLS in their conditions.

will wait patiently for results.


Lorna said...

Well, I watched until my eyes could no more, than I handed the watching over to the big nasty who watched closer to 1am - and I was up again at 6:30am and there was baby.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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