Sunday, March 23, 2008

Three weeks old now

Now why is it that these photos turned out so well? They were taken during the same three minute period as the Xan and baby pics, but are so much better. I just love this baby girl, she is such a pretty baby and has really got some moves---unfortuantely, she normally shows them off in the stall when we are trying to catch her!


MicBel QH said...

that filly looks just like her mamma. cute!

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Lazy A Ranch said...

That filly looks like a body builder, her momma must have some really good milk.

Robin Sallie said...

Both mom and baby are beautiful! I love the photo on top. That could be a poster.

Holly said...

could the difference be your focal point? I love the top one. At three weeks that baby is a serious chunk. Did you get the poops cleared up?

Paige said...

I think I probably changed the setting from sports back to P--but at this stage, who knows?

Poope seem to be cleared up---

I like Echo, Belinda--that is IT!


MicBel QH said...

Echo was our favorite too.

Amy B said...

Such a beautiful filly! Nice pics - I expect our Belize pics will be of this professional quality!!!??? I'll put together the album, if you take the pics...

Elly'sMom said...

Boy talk about a "Tude" on those two. Wow! I thought they looked like carbon copies of each other the way thier ears are. How cute is that?

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