Sunday, March 2, 2008


This is no way to start foaling season!. Jackie and I went to the farm at 7 am Saturday morning, and first thing I saw was a SURPRISE! Mel foaled a red dun filly twelve days early, having shown not sign one of doing so. Heck it was just two days ago that LeaAnn told me there was a horse with a "dingy" in the front pasture and I can only figure that it was Melody's udder sticking out- and now look what happened!

She is a thick filly- good bones, big honking joints, and a little head with tiny curly ears. Their heads are always crazy looking at first, from that whole getting born things, and she was clearly just two to three hours old, but sturdy as she could be on those long legs. The ground was mostly frozen, and while Mel struggled with falling through the partially frozen mud, she just skimmed over it like she had done it for years.

I have no idea what we will name her, so am open to suggestions. Her only other Slybabies are the gelding Mojo, Slydun to the Music, and Hammer Down Haida. This is her first filly by Sly and her first dun too.


Lori said...

Absolutely adorable!!
Way to start off the foaling year, very pretty girl, congrats!!

MicBel QH said...

real cute filly! I have no idea what you should name her, I usually have to spend some time with mine learning their personality before I find a name that fits. very pretty though! congrats on a healthy baby that you didn't have to stress over getting here.

Anonymous said...

OH My gosh, she is so cute! Feel like I can "pet " her in that last picture. Baby-like look.

Name: Babysly to the Sounds

What do I know about naming horses---- but you asked.

Horse Student--Carol

Lorna said...

Oh, Look at that cutie! My oh My! Good job, Mel!

Time for babies! YAY!

Anonymous said...

I've got it! Her barn name could be Jojo kind of like her brother Mojo. And her Reg. name could be Double play melody! hope you like those names


Julie said...

Sweet. What a chunk o' baby! I love her little star.

mjahlers said...

I can't belive you beat me.

Paige said...

I can't either--isnt that crazy?

I am being congratulated by a monsoon and ice storm though, so it all evens out

Amanda said...

She's darling!


Robin Sallie said...

What a pretty baby.

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