Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Squeak's Improvement

That it looks like Squeak might be squinting a bit is encouraging to me--maybe she is starting to see a little bit.

Is this series show a happy girl or what? It took her a while to get adjusted to what was happening, and figuring out what that horrid snorting noise was Mel was making to warn folks not to look at her baby, but once she got acclimated, Squeak was one happy sister to be outside in the sunlight. Even if she cannot see it.

Have I already said this? I figured out why Squeak looks so much better, and I think it is because her eyes are not running non-stop now like they were. She came out in the sun this afternoon, to get some fresh air before the monsoons start again. I was TRYING to take filly pics, but got a bunch of good ones of Squeak too.

I am just so glad to see her feeling better. It has been a week since her injections, and there may just be a bit of a reflex coming back in her eye.

She enjoyed her afternoon out, for sure.


Holly said...

what a grand old lady she is. I sure hope her eye at least FEELS better. Doncha just love the fact that you can catch such good action photos?????

MicBel QH said...

Those are some really great photos! Hope her eyes get better. Is she infoal?

Paige said...

I think she for sure FEELS better--now if it actually GETS better, I will be happy.

She is adjusting better than I thought she would--if you did not KNOW she was blind yesterday, I do not think you would have noticed.

One week down, lets hope the next few bring us mroe improvement.

Yes, Belinda, she is in foal for a mid May baby, I think. She has had only one Slybaby and he was STUNNING. Unfortuantely, he had a freak occurrence and his bladder ruptured--he died in my arms at about two months old. It was crazy

Lazy A Ranch said...

She sure doesn't look like a blind gal in her photos, looks like she is looking at something with her ears pricked forward and all.

Lazy A Ranch said...

Oh I remember that AWESOME dun colt that was two years ago, that was a bad year.

Paige said...

Yeah she does look like she is paying attention to something--maybe she is getting something in there after all.

She did NOT look like that 10 days ago

Lazy A Ranch said...

Let's hope she wasn't as bad as thought and is already making her recovery.

Robin Sallie said...

Very nice action, Paige.

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