Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Mojo Project-for Holly

While I was out doing yet more photos of the baby during lunch on Friday, I got a few of other horses as well. Mojo caught my attention doing his impression of his father, with his "look at me" stance. It freaks me out that they all do it--it is like they have some sort of camera radar in them, and stop to find it when it goes off.

I am saving Mojo for the Secret Weapon late this summer. I bet he will not be bored by this one!

It did not last terribly long though, and he moseyed off in search of something better to do than watch me watching him.

I love days like this when the sun is shining just bright enough to make everything shiny looking. I cannot wait until everyone is slicked out.


Holly said...

And THIS is why he's called Mojo........he's beautiful Paige.

Kaycie said...

I also can not wait till everyone is slicked off. I showed Frank some of your horses last night and told him this was our next road trip, he said OK. Maybe next year, around September. I wil start saving my money.Of course this is when Cricket will be going to the trainer possibly so we will have to wait and see. Check out new pics of Pac Man on my blog.

Paige said...

Well isnt Frank an easy one to get along with!

Any particular cross you are interested in?

September is a great time of year to come here, it is gorgeous

I am off to see PacMan

Robin Sallie said...

He is beautiful. I love the richness of his red color!

Holly said...

I came back to Mojo tonight, just because....well just because he's Mojo. I cannot .wait. to meet him.

C said...

I remember when this little man was born. He sure has grown into the presence he projected then hasn't he.

He is a stunning boy Paige.

Paige said...

I wondered how many remembered him-- I am glad you do! He was a cocly little bugger even then wasnt he? In fact, that is how he got his name--he was in the Quarter Horse News and the editor put a comment about how he thought he was the shit....made me think of Mojo and how he was drownig in it

C said...

That was Bailey's comment..."he was the crazy baby right". LOL

I remember he wouldn't follow mom back into the barn...kept running outside.

I think I have a picture of him standing in the exact position at about 1 day old. You should put it up to compare them.

And I always knew he would be a stunner.

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