Monday, March 3, 2008

Still more Aruba

Last of Aruba---the stuff most people see when they visit.

It seems the big draw is jewelry shopping-God knows they have jewelry stores at every step. It was kind of cool to see humongous diamonds, I have to admit.

Of course, we also went to the beach. We chose Palm Beach because all of my research said it had the most to do for watersports etc. Turns out to not be so, a lot of things were closed. The beach was still nice though, so we laid out a few hours and BS floated around on a raft in the water.


Anonymous said...

That Pink fancy building kind of reminds me of the Corn Palace in South Dakota. It is ornate outside too, but in a Pioneer, Indian motiffs. Inside was like a museum and I enjoyed thoroughly.

Thanks Carol

Anonymous said...

Diamonds Yikes! but isn't DeBeers the diamond company Dutch as well as Aruba? Keep it all in the family-----of colonies----or whatever they are called.

Wonder if I could have bought a "diamond studded bookmark" ?

I have started collecting them---my special souvenier! ! ! ! !Ha! We don't travel.


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