Saturday, March 15, 2008

I think I just turned into a housewife

I have lots to tell, but it will have to wait til later as I have a surprise Illinois game to watch--who would think they could get three games into the Big Ten Tourney? Not me, for sure

Anyway, in preparation for what will likely be the last game of the year, I went to Kroger for chili stuff, etc.

Chili is a big deal up in this house--I use really lean meat and it usually costs 4 bucks a pound. I use a lot of it, so chili is an expensive proposition.

Well guess what happened? The good lean meat was on some kind of crazy ass temporary sale for 99 cents a pound! 99 CENTS. Do you hear me? That makes my cost of lean meat about 4 bucks total, instead of 16 bucks like it normally is. I even bought EXTRA.

Is that great or what?

Then it hit me that I must have gotten housewifey to be so wound about the price of meat. But it was still so good that I had to put it on here anyway.

Later on, I will post all the other news--the departure of Slygirl, the first update from Target's trainer, 517 new pics of baby girl, the closing on the farm, etc


Anonymous said...

Housewifery is not a bad thing...really.
Love you,

Robin Sallie said...

HeeHeee! Isn't funny how the house wifey shit sneaks up on you?

Paige said...

Now mom, how would you know?

It is DISTURBING how wound up I got about some sale sirloin

theCloth said...

What' the recipe? That's the least you can do for being late:)

E-mail me at if it's a secret family recipe. I won't pass it on, I swear.

Anonymous said...

Housewifery! ! ! NAW! ! !

A food trip using Home Economics Skills! ! !


Thought of your earlier comment about Illinois winning that "one game". We watched too.

Have fun today and go Illini


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