Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here we go again

Well now we know why Grandpa has not been right all week---I never saw him crippling around but Barry mentioned it. Since Marvin was here this weekend, I had Madison fetch Grandpa up again--it was pretty funny to see him limping while he ran from here, the silly ol man. She was persistent though and got him caught--and it took 15 minutes to get him in, as he was in such pain.

I suspected an abcess AGAIN, so Marvin picked up his foot and within seconds had found the soft spot----he opened it up and you could see the relief on Grandpa's face immediately. Until I saw the change on his face, I did not really recognize how dull he looked up til then. He was not 100% right, but 75% improved within seconds. That was a big honking hole though and in a strange place as well--he has not had one there before.

After having it opened up and it packed with iccthammol, Gramps got after some lunch like he has not done in quite some time, so I guess it was hurting pretty bad. Poor old man felt much better with some banamine, and did not even need anything today/

That is a pretty good hole isn't it?


Holly said...

ouch ouch ouch.....poor Grampa!

Paige said...

Yeah he was hurting pretty good---that is why I LOVE abcesses---they look so awful, but are easily fixed and BAM, horsey is better!

Lazy A Ranch said...

Glad he is feeling better now.

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