Wednesday, March 5, 2008

First early evening shots

I swear I will not have a FIRST everything post, but it might go on for a few days.

I happened on this on the way to the farm after work--about 5:15. It is a daily occurrence, so I do not know why I stopped, other than for the chance to try out the big zoom and take photos of something other than horses, dogs and pigs.

Anyway, I stopped in the road looking at the farm just before ours and took several shots. Although I was amazed at how far the zoom would go, twice I moved the car forward to get closer.

The first photo was from a pretty good distance, and I was actually a little disappointed that it was not more clear, with more contrast. The colors just did not pop like I wanted them to. I think I was on the auto setting, and the sun was kind of wierd.

I moved forward one more time and then I was standing a bit in the shade. It made a huge difference in the color of the photo.

That was more what I had in mind when I started this project.

Pretty cool huh?


Holly said...

If you have the lens switch to AF (auto focus) then the WB (white balance)set to auto, it will depend on where your focal point is how light/dark or how much contrast there is. Set your WB to auto and make sure that you have your focal point set to the center. Then stay in one place and take the first X number of photos with the focal point on something light, like the sky. Then take the same number of photos with the focal point set on something darker, like the grass. See if there are any diffrences in the finished photos.

Anonymous said...

Hey, why didn't you knock on the door when you were in MY YARD taking pictues of OUR DEER?

I could have offered you a drink of something??????

That camera "speaks" like a keeper. We all enjoy your having fun with it and your critics all applaud your hard work.

Have fun Carol

*Sarah* said...

I LOOOOVE deer... they are so beautiful.

Robin Sallie said...

Very cool

Robin Sallie said...

You can bring up the contrast after the fact with photoshop

Paige said...

I will try that Holly. I am working on just auto and portrait setting so far, since I am pretty familiar with them.

I agree, Sarah, the deer are gorgeous, even when they are tearing up my fences. We have a monster buck that hjangs out here, with a huge rack, I cannot imagine how old he is. My favorite is the babies though, esp when you accidentally happen ona brand new spotted one hiding in the woods.

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