Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Computer issues

Kept me from posting yesterday. I have new security software (well not new, just updated) and it has totally screwed my computer. I can do virtually nothing, including getting into my email yesterday.

It did not really matter as I was sick in the bed. The doc does not know if it is migraines, which I have evidently been courtnig a while, or flu like everyone else has.

I came to work today, and was halfway to Sam's 4th birthday party over lunch(well so to speak) before it occurred to me that I cannot be around him if in fact it is the flu. That is sad for several reasons, one being the DQ ice cream cake I missed out on. You may think I have had enough of that lately, and that would be true had BS not left it out over nite and melted the whole damn thing before I got more than my original slice. Maybe I will order my own cake just for me and not even tell him.

I have Photoshop class tonite, so Barry is going himself to Sam's real bday at the bowling alley. That should be fun, I wish I could go.

I got new pics of the boy child yesterday, he is starting to grow on me. And I think we have names! I will save those for later tonight when I post pics

And I will tell you what we caught in the live trap. It is not a groundhog. Or the cat


Kim said...

So, you didn't tell us what you caught in the trap.

Paige said...

I was trying to be dramatic---a SKUNK!

So now he is dead. Unfortunately, he is still in the trap. He is very malodourous

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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