Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And the winner...

in the name the hoss game this time around is Belinda of Mic Bel Quarter Horses in Arkansas. She suggested Echo, and I think it is possible that both Bree and Madison suggested that one as well, but for some reason, when I heard it from Belinda, it was obvious that was her name.

Not only is it a cool word, but it plays on the fact that she is a carbon copy of her mother (with a bit of a washed out color kind of like an echo pales next to the original sound) but it also plays on the musical nature of Melody's name. I don't know for sure what the registered name will be so we are still open to ideas on that--that is Bree's specialty. Her other Slybabies are Mojo (Slydun to the Music) and Hammer Down Haida--well that does not go with the musical theme at all, but when Missy K of PA came up with it, I knew that was his name as well.

So bring on those registered name suggestions!


Robin Sallie said...

I *still* want her!

Holly said...

I love to see the pictures of the babies when they are so little. You can really see what they are going to look like when they get older.

Lazy A Ranch said...

Very nice picture taking. What settings did you use this time?

Kim said...

I love the pics. I like the name Echo.

senjidogseml said...

Haven't you heard of MC Hammer??? Of course, rap doesn't sound much like music to me, but it's classified that way, anyway!

Paige said...

Well I will be damned, you are right!

I feel much better now!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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