Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trailering 101 for the Oompa

Never let it be said that I leave things to the last minute! Square Baby leaves in the morning, so we decided to have a little brush up on trailer loading after work today. She was not very willing when she went to the vet for her Coggins several weeks ago.

Trailer loading is one of Barry's really good things--he can teach them way better than I ever can, and always gets through to them eventually. And once they have learned it, it sticks, if he is the one that taught them.

I have to admit, I was a little concerned about SB getting this down before the morning. If she is unsure, she refuses---just freezes. There was some of that, but BAM, she got it!

She reminds me of me sometimes. Kind of a hard ass, but once you get her on your side, she is there unconditionally. There is no forcing this one to do anything--her instinct is to give you the finger and do what she wants to do, as long as it is not what you told her to do.

She decided to give that up, and be a good girl. Then she was hopping in and hopping out, stepping out forward like a lady and backing out like an old pro. I was really proud of her.

I anticipate no issues at all in the morning.


Holly said...

trailers are scary beasties for me. Xenia blew up in one a couple of years ago and she's never been okay since then.

Glad this went well!

mjahlers said...

Talked to the hauler and she is doing well, drinking her water and eating her hay. She is expected to be home in the afternoon tomorrow, they are in Ok City tonight.

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