Friday, February 8, 2008

T-2 hours

God willing, we will be in the car in two hours headed for leg 1 of our journey--we have errands to run in St Louis before we check into our hotel. We have to be at the airport at 5:30 am--gracious, why did I think that was reasonable? Within 12 hours of that, we will be checked into our ship, and hopefully having a bon voyage cocktail with Carrie and Doyle---they will be exhausted, I am sure since they started traveling today.

Our first stop is St Maarten, where we just were in October. Since we know the place so well, we are going to get a car and show Carrie and Doyle the highlights--and the lowlights like the nekkids at Club Orient. I am after a good piece of jewelry I saw there before that I have been thinking about ever since, as well. I will have to behave so that Barry thinks I deserve it.

I will try to check in this week, and post updates.

ETA: Carrie and Doyle have hit their first snag--they were supposed to leave Edmonton for Cabnada hours ago and their plane is having mechanical issues. Now it will get them to Denver later than their connecting flight to Orlando, which they are supposed to then take to Miami, then to San Juan. I figured they would have weather issues, but instead they have this one. They may be rerouted to Denver, then to Washington (I did not think to ask if it was Wash State or Wash DC), then arrive in Miami at 2:30 or 3 am. So much for their Orlando hotel layover huh?

Let's hope this is the only hangup of the trip

You all behave while I am gone!


Robin Sallie said...

Have a great trip! I can not wait to see the photos.

*Sarah* said...

Ahhh that is SO exciting! I love boats. You're going to have sooo much fun :D

Holly said...

you aren't here but have fun!

carol said...

Have a wonderful time.

Enjoy Carol

Anonymous said...

I hope your friends' whole schedule hasn't been compromised. I arrived in Mt. Vernon around 3:00 so I went directly to your house to feed dogs and pig. Everything seemed fine, so I went to the farm to see if I could see any coyote. If they were there they were hiding. Was I supposed to feed the boys (horses) at the house?
Now, I'm worried about the bird poop and all the disease it carries. Also, I don't like this freezing weather after leaving the 70's in GC.
Have a great trip, and thanks for checking on your dad.
Stay in touch.
Love you very much,

Anonymous said...

I put a comment up earlier today, but it isn't on here. When I got here, I went straight to your house. All varmints are accounted for and fed. Bocephus met me at the car. Why does he poop on the porch? Anyway, he was happy to get food.
After that, I drove to the farm to see if the coyotes were there. I didn't see any, but it was still light, around 4:00. I wouldn't have a problem shooting with a pellet gun, if I had one, to see if it would scare them off.
Have a great time. I hope your friends there and everything goes well.
I like your hair, too, but I also like the curl.
Love you much,

Paige said...

We are going to take up shooting 0hte SOBs when we get home mom--that should be a trip. You might have to do that, I cannot picture me shooting anything that I intended to hit.

I told LeaAnn to clean the bird poop--has she not? That is pretty nasty huh?

She is supposed to feed the boy horses, you just do Simba, Slater and Bocephus

Julie said...

Now that is some gumption that Sandra has! Willing to shot at the coyotes with a pellet gun! Go Momma.

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