Monday, February 4, 2008

The Bird Shit saga

I assume this was caused by the snow storm Thursday nite, but that is no excuse for the catastrophe I saw at the barn on Friday afternoon. Per usual, Rita and I ran out over lunch to leave LeaAnn's pay, and as I walked through the snow, I heard a ruckus in the barn. As I got closer, I saw this CLOUD of black in the barn, and the cloud headed out the back door. There was screeching and the beating of wings the likes of which I have never seen. I finally get what was so scary about the movie "The Birds".

Now I guess this sounds silly, such a big reaction to the birds. After all, they were just birds. A million birds, but just birds.

Or so I thought until I got IN the barn. There was bird shit everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Here is a sampling of the birdshit covering everything. This is the top of the battery charger. Is that nasty or what?

There was birdshit all around the edges of the tack room and work area. Piles of it, inches high, like the beginnings of walls. Every thing on the wall, dozens and dozens of halters and lead ropes were covered in it, turnout blankets hanging on their stall hangers, and the stall doors to the tops of walls. Even Radar, the only horse in the barn, was covered in bird shit. Every water tub had shit floating in it. I have rarely been so disgusted by such a thing.

So here is our new friend, the OWL. We actually have three owls, I think. At least two. They better do something to keep those nasty beasts out of my barn. My stomach cannot take it


Carol said...

Good grief! One picture with descriptions tells it all.

How awful. Objects well maybe-----but Radar NO NO NO.

Poor horse must have thought he was being punished by a "new training method". Give him a bath, and lots of apples and carrots.

Are those the treats for horses?


Carol said...

Hey, to "soften" the shit saga- - - - - -and no place else to ask this important question- - - -

Did anyone ( of course including paige) see the Budweiser Horse and Dog commercial from Super bowl?

Champions all around. For once the mediaa people agreed with me, it was great.


Holly said...

ACK! I am not grossed out easily but bird shit in small quantities will do it let alone large. The birds themselves would not have scared me unless they were so panicked that they flew TOWARD me in an effort to remove themselves from the barn, but bird crap is just n-a-s-t-y!

Sinjinn said...

Make sure you move the owls around or the bords will notice it's not moving... then they will be back.

Shannon said...

Wow. That is fantastically disgusting.

Paige said...

Yes Carol I saw that commercial, I LOVED IT! They always make me cry, it is the main reason I watch the Super Bowl at all.

Had you heard the ruckus Holly it might have wigged you out. I am nto scared of birds but this sounded like a pack of suicide terrorists-it was HIDEOUS~

The owls will move Amy, Barry thought of that. Plus I am cutting down the tree that first one is in--

Have you ever seen anything so NASTY?

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