Thursday, January 10, 2008

A three part update

Issue 1: Rock's eye is making me crazy. Dr M is going to come see it tomorrow to tell me what the deal is with it--I think there is something in there, as her lower lid is still swollen and she is mad as hell about it. While he is here, I will have him palp Foxy and Fuzzy to answer me on that, and I guess he could do Square Babys Coggins as well.

Issue 2: I have done two days of clicker training with Mojo--albeit with no clicker, as I have to go to Petsmart and get one. I am doing that Friday nite as it is an hour away and we have to pick up Barry's suit anyway. He is currently in the round pen. (EDIT: Mojo is in the round pen, not BS) The first day I rewarded him for looking at me. It went pretty good, but I am just not confident that I am doing it right. I would treat him in the bucket, but he would not come to it if I stood next to it--I had to step back 6 or 8 feet.

This led me to talk to the clicker queen Holly (whose idea this was in the first place) about what to do next. Her suggestion for last nite was to ask for a little more--do not treat until he looked at me and took a step to come to me.

I thought that might be hard. And it was, in a completely different way. I rarely had time to say "Mojo, come here" before he was headed toward me. I did not even have to step away from the bucket much, if at all. Sometimes, I put the bucket right next to my feet and he would still come--warily, and would approach so that the bucket was between us, but he did it. He won't let me touch him yet, but I can see it happening soon. I am not sure that this is how it is supposed to work actually.

Tonight, my assignment is to get the lead clipped on his halter. That should be interesting. I do not anticipate this going as well. Then again, I never would have thought that one day would make him willing to come that close to me. I guess we will just have to see.

Issue 3: I have been to the gym twice. This is not a big deal to most people but it is me. Once I get in the swing of it, I can stick with it, it is the starting that is hard. Last nite, I did 50 minutes of weights, and 15 minutes on the bike. I have to work my way up to 30 minutes a day on that, but it happens quickly. I could not get the seat adjusted though, so I had to sit at a wierd angle and it gave me the dead ass. Hopefully I can get that fixed, as there is only one recumbent bike at the gym and that is the one I like.

I also watched the Cardio Boxing class they have on Wednesdays. I think I can do that. It is a small group, so I might get up my nerve to try it. That will be a first for me, as I am an oaf, and terrified to do stuff like that in front of people. I am also considering the beginners step aerobics class that is at 5:30 tonight. I just do not want to be embarrassed by not being able to do the whole class, know what I mean? After all, I am a big fat sister who is out of shape and has other issues with my right leg, etc. None of which is an excuse, but it is a fact that could lead to my embarrassment. Nothing I ahte worse than being laughed at

Tomorrow is water aerobics. We were supposed to go yesterday but I only want to go with mom, at least until I am back in the swing of it, and she is still down with a cold. That is all right, as I cannot find my required aqua shoes, and had to order some--I would have gotten in trouble with that. I really like water aerobics becuase there is little sweating! And it is a really good workout actually-that would probably surprise people. If I can get my life really in order, I would like to do a class before work, then that would leave evenings open to go to the gym to have a regular workout after work.

What really needs work is my fat gut. Oddly, no matter what exercise I do, I never really feel it in my abs--that I can only get from riding horses. Now how in the hell am I going to add that in? When do I have time for that? I am thinking of extending my round pen so that it is longer--a round oval, I guess that would be--then I could do a quick 15 -20 minute trot and work that in at least a few nights a week. I will mention that to BS and see what he says.

So that is that--I am totally dropping the ball on the photo a day thing. It is really hard to do when it is dark when I get home from work. I will do better though. Come hell or high water.


Holly said...

Paige you are doing fine with the positive reinforcement/clicker work. You about can't mess him up with that.

Relax, if you do it, it will happen.

not quite the quote of "if you build it they will come" but similar since we are not dealing with ghosts or baseball!

Robin Sallie said...

Good job with Mojo!

Trust the force.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed with your start and your goals. You make me a little ashamed; since I'm retired,I should be able to work in more exercise. I recently read that we really need to be active for 60-90 min. a day. I'm ready for the water tomorrow, though.
Love you,

carol said...

I join your Mom in being impressed. Us retired people should have more time to DO more things in our daily life.

Well! ! ! ! ! not so.

Lorna's Mom carol

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