Thursday, January 10, 2008

Proof that I did it AGAIN!

See my new shoes? They are friggin pink. But there just are not many options in wide shoes for people with circus feet. I will have to deal with it, and realize maybe there is something good to not being able to see my feet after all!

The point of this is that I went to the gym AGAIN! I worked late because I finally had a vision on something, so I was too late for the aerobics class--that is ok, it was pretty crowded in there. I still cannot adjust the seat on the bike and the owner would not take those stupid ear buds out of his ears long enough for me to get his attention to ask him how to do it, so I got the dead ass again after 15 minutes. It is still better than nothing!

I did a few other weight machines, including my favorite leg machine that is like squats laying on your back- -I can do 200 of those and for some reason, that makes me really happy, so I do it like every day.

They have rearranged things there so now there is a small room that they call the Women's Gym. That is it in the picture--pretty high en, huh? HA! So tacky. You don't have to be in there but no men are allowed. At first I thought that was stupid, but that may be because I think the owner is stupid. It is not like there are doors on it, for Pete's sake, so it does not really afford any privacy. Anyway, now I actually kind of get into it. The rest of the gym caters to a bunch of beau-hunks that look either like pedophiles or hunks of meat as they lift too much weight and primp in front of the mirror, so it is nice to be away from them. They spend more time standing around talking and looking at themselves than doing anything-- it makes me crazy. You can tell which ones are cops too, just by the way they stalk around, and that cracks me up.

In any event, I did it. That is three times this week and it is only Thursday! Now if I make it to water aerobics tomorrow, and go back to the gym on Saturday, I will have hit my 5 per week goal.


Elly'sMom said...

Good for you! I love working out at a gym. Problem is, I get going and don't know when to stop. The more I work out, the more energized I get. I had a trainer make me stop once. I thought that was kind of funny! Anyway, the pink on your new tennis shoes isn't that much. No one will notice. They are nice shoes! Just don't wear them to the barn, which is something I always end up doing. UGH! I always forget to change my shoes.

Lori said...

Congrats to you Paige!! You've already shown more determination than I've got!haha
Keep up the good work!!

Jamik said...

Great job Paige! I have been a runner for years and always do that, but I am just getting back into lifting. Haven't touched weights consisitantly for 2 years. I'm on week 2, and so far it hasn't been too bad to stay on track so here's hoping! Keep it up, you will be glad you did something for yourself. Jami

Holly said...

You go girl! And I like the semi privacy of a womens gym. I'd have to needle those puffed up think-they-are-hot guys. Can't stand that 'tude.

Paige said...

You know the kind I mean don't you Holly?

They are so stupid---half the time their technique is wrong wrong wrong, and I watch becuase I think one of these days I will get lucky and see one of them actually separate a muscle and go down crying. I cannot wait!

I cannot run Jami. Hell, even walking on teh treadmill makes me want to kill someone. My right leg and foot are so compromised by bad circulation, my foot goes to sleep and is all tingly. It is probably all in my head, but I cannot run. Wish I could, as I would not be so fat, but there you go.

so far Leigh, I have not even worn the pink shoes out of the building--that is a first for me! I like working out too, once I get started.

Thanks Lori--keep cheering, I am going to need it through this long haul!

Lorna said...

AWESOME! Good for you! I'm glad to read you taking control and making positive steps (kind of like clicker training yourself!!)

Keep it up!

Holly said...

yes I do know them. They stick out like sore thumbs to me and they get damn deflated here real quick. Drop the 'tude dude....or you go on EVERY freaking thing.

Julie said...

Good for you, Paige! I have the phobia of gyms oddly enough. I have never been in a gym besides in school when they forced me to go to PE class. The very thought of going to a gym & working out damn near gives me a panic attack. But what's wrong with pink tennis shoes? Ashlyn & I both have pink tennis shoes! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you, but where did you get the patience that you're using with MoJo? I don't think I've seen that before.
You're inspiring me, too, so I'm off to set my own short-term goals.
Keep up the good work. Ilike the pink shoes.
Love you,

Amanda said...

Very proud of you. But the pics of the shoes is my favorite. Ridiculous.

Paige said...

Turner, you would like it, there are good bodies to look at. You are lucky you don't have the fat gene. Lorna is anti-gym too.

And Sandra Clark, there are a lot of things about me you don't know and a lot of them that you just flat get wrong. I have lots of patience with my hosses, when I am trying to teach them something. And lots of patience with my dogs and my pig-- it is people that piss me off.

And that is another thing--you said I probably gain a pound a week from drinking beer only--that is 35 beers a week. You are on crack if you think I drink 35 beers a week. Not even close sister. We have had the same two cases of been in our house since January 1, and I have had only FOUR of them. so there.

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