Friday, January 11, 2008


I am working my big ass off at work so that I can be ready to roll when Dr M calls to tell me he is at the farm ready to work. He was supposed to come around 11 or 11:30--

His wife, who runs his office, just called and said he is delayed because they are trying to deal with the fallout of a most peculiar accident--she was driving yesterday when an elderly lady ran a stop sign and broadsided her, running her car into someone's HOUSE!

Can you imagine? She was already sick when I talked to her yesterday and now this mess--fortunately she is just bruised and beat up with no major injuries, but doesn't it sound like something that would happen to me?

Poor Mrs. M


Lorna said...

Poor Mrs M - Hope she doesn't get too sore over the next few days!

Holly said...

Oh wow! She's one lucky lady. I'm glad she's ok....and YES that does sound like something that would happen to you.

Elly'sMom said...

Good Lord, Thank God she wasn't killed or seriously injured. Things can happen so fast, all it takes is one mistake by someone else even and your life can be changed forever. Something I try not to think about.

I'm glad she's OK, hopefully she'll take it easy for a few days while her body recovers from the shock of it all.

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