Friday, January 11, 2008

Bad News: 3 Paige: 0

Well this sucks--my pipe dream that Rock had something in her eye causing all the trouble has come to an end. She had it stained this afternoon, and no ulcerations were found, but you can see where the blood vessels are dropping into the iris--current diagnoses: periodic uveitis. Well , hell, join the club, it is running rampant around here. I cannot get a functioning set of eyeballs out of any of the seniors except Grandpa, and he has a hitch in his gitalong, and Playmate, who thinks it is funny to run from me when I want to ride her.

Is that about the coolest picture ever though? I am kind of proud of it, even though it brings bad news that Rock's eye is a disaster. We are upping the eye ointment to 4-5 times per day and adding two shots of banamine per day for a while though, and the first one seems to actually have brought some swelling down already, so hopefully we will get some improvement soon. After the 10 pm doctoring, I turned her and Squeak out in the front pasture for some fresh air--they poop too much for my taste to just be standing around all night when they could be pooping outside. They are half blind anyway, so nite seems like a good time to go out!

Bad news #2: Foxy is open. I am not surprised, as I could tell by looking at her. While waiting for her appointment today, I actually thought she might be in foal as she has gotten rounder---but no go. Completely empty. Look at that tummy down there! I think I will start riding her, at least for a few months. We have too many babies coming anyway, but I really hate to lose one of Foxy's--as it stands already, she has lost far more than she has had for me. Every repro exam says she is perfectly fine, but these things happen. That does not make me feel any better (even though I was right in my prediction, it still sucks)

Bad News #3: Fuzzy is also open. I am actually surprised at that a bit, as she was starting to puff up and was not due until May anyway. Incontrovertible verdict (is that something?) rendered by the pro, so on this one I was wrong.

I pretty much told Dr. M he had to get off the property before the whole damn thing imploded as full as he was of bad news today. Instead, I took off, late for the 4:30 water aerobics class--which evidently started at 4:15. I got in the water at 4:47, and teh stupid class ended within 10 minutes. I did 30 more minutes of work, ran to the tanning bed, when I did something funny and now have a stripe of pink itchy skin on my middle, then rushed home to shower and head to St Clair to get clickers.

Which is another story altogether


Holly said...

well I gotta say, that is a cool picture even if it didn't tell you what you wanted to hear. There is no known cause for uveitis is there?

Paige said...

There is no way to identify why a particular case has occurred, but one of the most common is from the lepto virus. And raccoons carry that--so not much you can do about it.

Squeak has been tested for it and came back positive for 3 out of 6 types of lepto that the test screens for because there is a wierd kind of treatment that can work on those cases--I am now stalking th eonly vet within 300 miles that has done it, but she is out of the office for a while. I left her a message at home on Tuesday, but have not heard back from her yet--I am going to try again tomorrow.

Looks like I need a 4 for 1 deal on that!

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