Monday, January 7, 2008


Since it was so nice yesterday, all the blanketed horses got stripped down to their nekkid selves. That did show me that Grandpa and Lucky are dropping a little condition--now is it because they are not being fed the same amount I feed them or is it because they moved to a new pasture with a round bale, and thus, no one has been feeding them the extra special alfalfa they are used to? The round bale is nice stuff though--really nice--I just do not know that they eat it like they did the square bales that they snarf up like candy.

See me justifying posting photos of Gramps and Lucky when I just did it a few days ago? I am so absurd, it is my blog and if I want to post repetitive pics, who is going to stop me?

In any event, even though he need not drop another pound, I am still very pleased with Grandpa's condition. He is 28 now, and the oldest 28 year old horse that likely ever walked the earth, but with the exception of some artritis, he is really doing well. It is almost like he has gotten younger over the past few years, rather than older.

I can see the loss in Lucky more than I can him, particularly in her butt. Oddly, these photos were taken only 4 days later than the one I just posted of her and I see the difference. Hopefully we can get this reversed in a hurry.

On a good note, Rock is holding her weight beautifully. Cannot see the broad side of a barn out of her left eye, but is round as she needs to be. Doesn't she look good for a 1982 model?

Yesterday was the first day that she came out of her stall without any goofy foot maneuvers at all---just followed Madison right out like it was a normal day. She led beautifully all around the yard, and even trotted when asked--she would not do that at first. She is still fighting over her eye meds, but they must be working as she at least has some vision in her right eye. She is acting like her regular self, not scared at all and to me that is the greatest sign to me--Rock scared is not something I have ever seen or ever prepared myself to deal with.

Isn't it about right that we get her to a good healthy weight, happily toting Madison around, and she does something to her eyeball? I am no longer sure it was a stroke, but perhaps an eye injury only--it just seems strange that all those other symptoms accompanied the vision problem.


Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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