Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Even the cutters are not small enough for us now!

This is Fonzie, the little dude I bought for Sam, but he has never shown any interest in. He is great, once you catch him. He was in for his trim this weekend, so Barry got on him for funny, and took a little spin around the stall.

Before anyone turns me into Fugly Horse or any other boss, know that Barry actually has a foot on the ground, and a toe on the other side--he is not really riding him with his full weight.


Holly said...

I never thought that. BS is over 6 foot tall...and the pony is what 11hands?

who is Sam?

Julie said...

That is hilarious! I hope Ashlyn does not see that or she is going to be wanting Fonzie!

Paige said...

I have not measured Fonzie in a while, so I do not remember, but that is probably about right

Sam is my friend Jenna's son who is about to turn 4

Anonymous said...

Was this the first time Fonzie has been ridden? I'm so relieved to see that he's so gentle. He's down right obstinate with me. I still plan to ride him, though.
Love you too much,

Paige said...

How can he be obstinate when you have never caught him either?

He was ridden when I bought him, just not since then.

He is very good

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