Sunday, January 6, 2008

Animals who are not horses, dogs or pigs

It appears I am down to one cat, and it is this one man cat. HE can be a complete menace trying to help with everything around there, and is usually yelling his head off. He interfered in my attempts to take photos of Squeak's eyes tonight so much that I gave up and took a pic of just him.

Isn't it crazy how his left eye looks green and the other blue? What a wierd trick of light, I could not have done that had I tried.
This young feller is one of the new babies across the street from my house---usually their babies are bright white, but this feller only has a white head. He was bawling to beat the band, but was so cute.

That was the second time I stopped on the road to take pictures today.

I hope I don't get arrested.


carol said...

Ask Lorna about her gray car?

Gotta get him a girlfriend! !!


Holly said...

I also hope you don't get arrested, that would be very bad for getting back and forth to work.

The calf is adorable. What is it about hoofed stock babies that makes you want to touch them?

Paige said...

He does need a girlfriend Carol and I tell him every day I am getting him one, but they keep getting misappropriated from me somehow. I hear there is a gray kitty running around there but I have not seen it yet.

Paige said...

I have no idea Holly, but there is little more precious than a new born calf--they remind me of my ol dog Argo, because they sit the same way. It cracks me up.

I know how mama cows feel about people touching their babies though--I have learned that lesson from the longhorns! Too bad, as I love to touch their snoots

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