Monday, August 25, 2014

Back by request

Im back again!  I am not sure how to catch up from not posting in almost a year, but once again, someone has mentioned it and said they missed it, so maybe I should try to get back to posting.

Some things have changed since last year when I posted last--we are far down in number of horses.  Thank God.  There are two babies this year and there will be no more.  I have lost interest in it and doing business with horse people makes me hate the world--I am currently waiting for owed money from a prominent trainer who is lying to me all the time.  I can get that at work and get paid $200 an hour for it, so there is no reason to put up with it for free from horse people.  Thank you, no.  I just won't play anymore.

Work is awesome.  We are becoming a pretty serious team, and are getting some great results for our clients. I am doing a lot of family law, but I still do criminal law and appeals, and it is fun to change things up.  I like being with the trial court attorneys because they are so quick on their feet and there is a lot of cameraderie.  I'm feeling far more comfortable in newer areas of the law than I ever thought I would by this point.

Yadi, the puppy, is a big ol boy now.  He just turned 13 mnonths.  The last time I had him weighed was at 10 months and he weighed 109 pounds.  He is a funny dude--very lazy, kind of simple, typical Mastiff.  He is completely in love with Chris, and could take me or leave me. Tweak and Taser are good too.

I just had surgery AGAIN.  This was number 12, I think.  Hopefully I am close to the end, but so many of my surgeries have been from complications, that I am afraid to believe it is almost over.  Its been two years since the first surgery. Right now, my boobs are way too big, so that has to be dealt with--boob lipo, who knew there was such a thing?  Its been two weeks since my last surgery and I still cannot get through a full day of work without cutting out early, or taking a three hour nap lunch to nap in the middle of the day. BUT I can tell you that I just bought a formal dress for a charity event that is stick straight and fitted and it looks pretty damn good.  I never thought I would see that again.

I will try to start posting more. Right now, I need to go look for Bocephus---its 100 degrees and he has not come for his snacks.  That is not Peeg like


Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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