Monday, November 4, 2013

Spare jackass

This neighborhood donkey has turned up again. His owners came to fetch him but the ol boy does not want to go home. Evidently his horse died, then his pony died and hes all full of the lonely right now.

I heard a rumor that his owners were going to ask if he could just stay Here since hell probably just keep coming back and since they can't catch him anyway.....sure enough, his owner came over yesterday to see if jack can stay.

Yep, that's his name. Jack.

Jack loves Fonzie but Sly wants no part of that. There has been some chasing and snorting at each other, but unless Jack gets too close to Fonzie, all seems OK out there.

I don't want a donkey, let alone an intact one. Looks like i have one though. Cross your fingers it doesn't backfire


Anonymous said...

Poor Jack. He can't find any friends-including his Beanstalk or his Box---so he choose you and all your friends!

Hope it all works out!! ! !

Whatever happen to the Baconater! ! !


sara said...

In exchange for him staying would the owner agree to geld him?

Anonymous said...

I guess my comment from yesterday was not cleared by you--or else gone up in space.

but enjoy

Anonymous said...

Ah! Ha! you are catching up on 'our news' on your blog.

Thanks and enjoy

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