Sunday, June 9, 2013

Updating the house

I have had a lot of help around here lately to get things fixed up.  This weekend, the whole place finally got properly weedeated and mowed, the house pasture got mowed, tree branches were cut off the roof of my house and fence lines, trees were cut out of the fence line, all of the landscaping was ripped out of the back because it was out of control, the pool got clean, brush got burned, you name it, it happened.  I have had a great bunch of guys helping me and it has actually been pretty fun.  I love coming home and seeing what happened when I was gone.

Friday night, I conned Chris into helping me burn brush, and we ended up having a pile of people over for a bonfire.  It was a lot of fun and work got done too.

Saturday morning, my garage door openers got replaced, and who would think a girl could be so excited to be able to open and close garage doors like a normal human being.

Saturday evening, we went to a grown up party at a friends' house and caught up with some people who we do not see very often and who are planning their destination wedding.  It is so cute to watch them plan and be excited....and now we are halfway-seriously considering going to Jamaica in February for the festivities.  We will see--a lot can change in that much time, but it is on the list of possibilities

Today I am catching up on more yard work, house work, and a little farm stuff---took new pics of the babies and doctored Trouble's ouchie.  Spent some time in the pool and gossiped with some girlfriends.

I think this is how life is supposed to be---


Anonymous said...

Hope you get to see this---and hope Trouble's Ouchie gets better. And the babies are growing into 'young kids'


Alicia said...

I must have missed something. How did trouble get his ouchy? Congrats for getting all that yard work done! It is so hot in Florida right now all I can do is ride, then I'm done.

Paige said...

Nobody knows. He is all healed up though with just a little raised hair there. Babies heal so well

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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