Monday, May 20, 2013

Work hard play hard

I worked my tail off last week--the whole week was spent running from one hearing or appointment or another.  I am not complaining, I love it that way because it puts me on the spot to learn something right that minute.  We also got some clients that have very unique fact patterns so that is very exciting.

I also spoke as the keynote speaker at a local graduation ceremony.  Ponder on that for a while.  That is quite a choice that school made wasnt it?

When you work that hard, you have to play hard too, just to keep the balance.  Fortunately there are not photos of every stage of this play part.  Thursday night, I went to see Tracy, Les, Jill and Hank, who I have not spent any time with in a year,  There is no excuse for that as I love every minute of it.  Chris and I intended to hang with our friend Bullard but he got caught up in something and bailed on us.  That left us to just hang out and shoot the shit for a few hours until it was time to go to Open Mic night that Crystal was hosting.  A good time and something different for us.

Friday I worked until time to go to the surgeon.  Got back and caught up on my manicure and pedicure needs, then joined Chris and his friends for dinner and a night out. We entertained until late. It was a good time actually. In a strange turn of events, I did not sleep til noon on Saturday, even though we stayed up late talking and acting silly.

Saturday morning, I did some work and we left for the REO concert around 2.

 This is Vanessa, Stacey, me and Christy

Adam and Christy, demonstrating her assets.
Teri is babysitting everyone else's assets---she seems confused as to why
  This was one of Crystal's first real concerts, and her first at this venue.  She had fun, I think

We all stayed at the same hotel and laughed late in the night about how funny the whole night had been. One of those "you had to be there" to really appreciate it, but it was fun. The girls headed back to town Sunday morning, and I went back to sleep.  Chris came to get me at the hotel at noon (how is that a sign of things turned on their head---he didnt TAKE me to a hotel, he GOT me from one) and we headed to the Cardinals game.  That is number 3 of the season so far and we are just a little over a month into the baseball season.

We had pretty good seats, compliments of my friends who are season ticket holders but were out of the country, And as usual, we saw half the town there. And we even won, which always makes it even better.

Finally got home--after bypassing shopping despite multiple offers to take me shopping if I wanted to go, and I got a jump on some house work--mowing, laundry, list making, etc.  There is just too much to do around here, and it is overwhelming. I am lining up people to help me with some projects, and hopefully they turn out to be good reliable solid people.

Ready to start this new week---bring it on.


Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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