Thursday, April 18, 2013

Today's Paige-asco

I had an AMAZING day at work.  So much fun, I learned some new tricks, scared myself and handled it. I forgot how great it feels to meet a challenge, especially when it involves controlling my nerves and taking care of business.  My nerves are a major issue for me, so any time I can face them down and confront the issue successfully, I get almost giddy.   I stayed that way most of the day.

I felt pretty good today even before that happened, in my funky dress and happy necklace, and my shiny shoes.  Like a grown up with some style, even.

Anyway to the fiasco..... early afternoon, a hellacious storm arrived---driving rain and crazy wind.  Our office is an old house  on a quiet corner, with windows everywhere so as I banged away on the computer, I had the distraction of the storm to listen to.  It was pretty impressive and kind of nice but for the ridiculous tornado storms interrupting.  It did not take long for the streets to be flooded, and the water to be standing on the sidewalk.

When I left the office after work, it was not raining that hard, and it did not matter that much anyway, since I was just going to the gym.  Off I went, trucking down the sidewalk to my car...when out of nowhere, another car came charging up to the stop sign at God knows what speed ...then slammed on the brakes.  A whole sheet of water hit me like a ton of bricks, it even went over my head.

And that is how I ended up standing on the corner looking like the cartoon drowned rat.

Just another chapter in the book of Paige's fiascos


Shelley said...

You might have won some money if you had that on video. :)

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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